Friday, May 28, 2010


The folks at Succotash really know their food AND coffee. I could drink that coffee all day..... or at least until the colors start vibrating in my vision.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

eating cereal

Nothing like eating Cheerios in the morning sunlight.

salt and pepper in the sunlight

I just happened to see this setting in a vacant restaurant in Union Station,the light and position was perfect. After I took my shot,I look up to see a security guard motioning for me to leave. All the best photos have some element of risk,danger or trouble. Coincidentally,these are my favorite themes. I tend to view a "No Trespassing" sign as "Come on in,Carlo".

reflections in the table

There are mirrored table tops at Succotash restaurant,they make for interesting photographs. Great light,great setting and a great place to eat.

electric pagoda

The shining electric pagoda set against the dreary sky after sunset is a great visual. I just love LA's Chinatown, so glad I got to visit there during December of 2009. It was refreshing to walk around in the drizzle,enveloped in the warm glow of neon light.