Monday, February 20, 2012

Reflections of Sunset

Once again,more abstract fun. The background of palm trees set against a shop window filled with old translucent cake stands. A fitting departing photograph for my last night in a great city.

Abbot Kinney Blvd

My new favorite spot in LA is the Abbot Kinney area between Santa Monica and Venice. An absolute visual delight with colors and textures at every turn,interesting shops,cafes and galleries. The day of my visit was filled with dreary clouds and rain,I didn't hold out much hope for photography. As I was beginning to park the car,the rain slowly stopped and the sun came out. Sometimes you just get lucky and then you got to take advantage of the moment and shoot like mad!

More Funky Frosted Windows

Funky Frosted Window

One of the reasons for my visit to the coast (besides to see my wonderful sister) was to attend the LA Art Show. This is a convention of hundreds of modern and fine art galleries in downtown LA. The work included artists from all over the world, famous and unknown. It inspired me to look for more abstract photographs in that big city.

Stomping on Snappers

Part of getting ready for Chinese New Year was buying those small snappers that you stomp on. It was critical that every child in a 10 block radius make as much noise as possible,this also included the grown "children",as well. My only regret? I didn't buy enough of these small explosive devices.

Getting Ready for the Chinese New Year

Nothing like spending Saturday in Chinatown as everyone got ready for the CNY. People were buying every kind of festive items they could find; lanterns,good luck charms,flags,etc. It didn't matter who you were,you were getting your New Year on!

Francesca's Favorite Shop

My sister's favorite shop is on the way to Malibu in a beautiful canyon. Statues everywhere, treasures to be found here & there. There was something peaceful about this quaint little spot that makes me want to visit it again.

January in LA

Zuma beach on a beautiful day,people everywhere enjoying the wonders of the ocean. What a wonderful place. Everyone is a kid at the beach.