Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sing like it's your last song.

I really liked this band,the female singer,Lauren Krum is amazing. I've heard her sing before at the Exile on Main Street tribute and on other occasions,what a talent.

The singing brothers

These two talented young lads picked the busiest street corner to sing on. I liked their marketing style and performance.

Close-up of funky machine

Don't ask me what the hell it is,I'm just a photographer.

Marco and the machine

My brother wearing a jaunty cap and looking wistfully at a funky machine. The light in this building was perfect. I wish I could bottle it for a rainy day. This is the light and color that photographers dream of.

More paint flinging

The painted sentiment

I would like to believe she painted this for Mother's Day.

Let's fling paint!

At the Arts Incubator on 1st Friday,they had a place for kids to throw paint at a wall. It was orderly and controlled of course. The line of the night went to the mother standing next to me who yelled to her son "Jason! You're on the wrong side of the paint!" Sounds like something you would say to a lousy artist. As in "Bob,your artwork stinks,clearly you're on the wrong side of the paint".