Friday, March 23, 2012

The Science Fair

I just love the Science Fair,so much imagination and creativity. It gives you hope for this crazy world.

Mold and More Mold

Once again,just like last year, mold was a big hit at the Science Fair. Who knew?

Whoa! What Did That Sign Say?

Whorls,people,whorls! Get your mind out of the gutter,for crying out loud! I also like the part about "Comparing Fingerprints and Toe Prints". This should help dramatically with all those foot-related crimes that have been happening lately.

My Exact Thoughts on Eating Out

Evidently,these researchers have been frequenting the same restaurants as I have.

Born What Way?

When I first saw this exhibit,I thought the Science Fair was tackling some heavy social issues. Then I read the fine print.

Fear of Juice

It's good to see someone is working on research into the fear of juices. A much neglected malady.

Bubbly Discovery

I'm so proud of my niece and her partner's winning exhibit. They worked really hard on this project and it shows. There's nothing like bringing home the gold ribbon to make the family proud.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Colorful Muffin

Well,if this years St Joseph's table is any indication of the culinary trends for 2012,it looks like it's going to be the year of tasteful colors and over-sized muffins. I'll get the Gaviscon ready.

Sicily Cake

I love subtle design......and gallons of food coloring.


Okay,eggs made of sugar and icing. Kind of seems like an Easter sort of thing but what do I know? I'm still trying to figure out the gumdrop dress thing.

Present Cake

You know,my birthday is coming up. You want to know what kind of present to get me? Yeah....present cake.

Gumdrop girl

When people ask me what's my favorite type of woman,I tell them a woman wearing dress made of gumdrops. It's like candy and fashion all mixed together in one outfit. Hey,Tim Gunn,pay attention,we need more gumdrop dresses out there.

Top Notch Signage

Well,when you spend all your time on baking desserts,you tend to forget about advertising and marketing. Just tape a piece of cardboard to the wall and be done with it. Remember: the more time you spend making a nice sign then the less time you have to eat desserts.

Book Cake

Well,it must be March in Columbus Park,and that means the The Feast of St Joseph complete with a wide assortment of baked goods.Oh look,my favorite kind of cake. The pages are delicious.